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Interview - 020 - Delmar Carter

Nice guy with lots of bending strength. Yes, that´s Delmar Carter, who collected a lot of great bends in the past years and I am happy that he started again a new bending journey last year.

You can find him on nearly every certification list. Not only on the old ones like Iron Grip or FBBC, but also on the new ones like Bend Sport Canada, GBI, or here on Horrido Bending.

Delmar has bent lots of hard bars in double overhand in the past and is now on the go for double underhand goals, which are of course world class stuff.

Make sure to take a look at his sites where you can find very good woodworking skills, which I personally really enjoy:

Thanks Delmar for the interview:


Delmar Carter

Year of birth:



5’11” (180cm)

Weight 270lbs (122kg)


USA - TN - Atoka


Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Relationship Status:

Married to my beautiful wife Teri

Question 01:

What does steel bending mean to you?

It is a passion that is hard to leave behind. I have tried to stop several times previously, but I keep coming back for more punishment.

Question 02:

When and why did you start steel bending and what does or did your active time look like?

I started unbraced bending in 2012. I found out about it when I was researching arm wrestling which I also started in 2012. I was a machinist back then and I had access to scrap steel so it was easy to start.

Question 03:

What do you love about steel bending?

I love that you can do it yourself with no spotters and it helps build strength in so many areas (hands, shoulders, etc.)

Question 04:

What do you hate about steel bending?

I hate that my body is no longer agreeing with pursuing it. I suffered TFCC ligament tears in my wrists around 2016 and I had no idea what they were until recently. These could have healed with a lot rest early on, but now they may require surgery to correct. That being said, it is very painful to bend.

Question 05:

How does your training for steel bending look like?

No set time or routine. I have always winged it.

Question 06:

How does your other training look like (strength or other)?

No training currently. I have a few bending goals in mind to accomplish and then I may step away and start with basic weight training instead.

Question 07:

What goals have you set for yourself?

Horrido 8.8 DU. This is my main goal at the moment. I have let some of my strength deteriorate in the past few months by inactivity, but when these dudes are back in stock I’ll be determined and ready get my strength back.

Question 08:

What was the most impressive bend you ever saw (live or on video)?

EJ Livesey’s BIG G8 in singles. That guy is a monster bender. He did some pretty amazing stuff.

Question 09:

Rapid stuff – choose one

Bolts or steel?

Steel. Bolts scare me

Unbraced or braced?

Unbraced. I’ve dabbled in braced and determined that I suck at it

Singles or doubles?

Singles for DO and doubles for DU

Chalk or not?

YES!! Tons!

Beer or water?

Water then whiskey

Cordura or leather or both?

Cordura inners and suede outers

Short bars or long bars?

6-8“ is perfect

Horseshoes or flat bars? Both are terrible

Chips or chocolate?

Dark chocolate

Question 10:

The last words belong to you. What do you want the reader take away? Let us know your poems of steel!

I’m glad to see so many new benders come along and keep this hobby alive. I’m thankful for all of the new companies offering cert bars for us to destroy even though it may be more work and cost to them to keep it running. Thank you bending community for being so awesome!

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Martin Arjoon
Martin Arjoon
Apr 22, 2021

A wonderful interview! Delmar is a veteran bender who is strong as a bull and it's always a joy to see him tame the steel! Thanks guys!


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