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Interview - 013 - Daniel Dring

A snapping monster who jumped from BJJ directly to the top of the snapping guys is the first thing it comes to my mind when we speak of Daniel Dring.

In his short active steel bending time he snapped some things who I thought that they will be never saw in two pieces but he proved it wrong and this is an exeptional display of strength.

To reach this level in the very short time makes a lot of hope that we will see some huge new feats in future.

But Daniel is not a snapping only guy. He is also active in the other styles and give a very good afford in them.

So watch out for this guy and his future bends / snaps.

Here are his channels:

Thank you Daniel for the nice interview and here we go:


Daniel Dring

Year of birth:



6ft. (182cm)

Weight 94kg




planning manager

Relationship Status:

in relationship

Question 01:

What does steel bending mean to you?

Steel bending to me is one of the closest things i have found to training for BJJ. It is very mentally and physically challenging.

As you progress your opponents will get better and become tougher and test you in different ways, just like BJJ.

Steel never lies, if you don't put in the work and treat it with respect then you will come out with a loss.

Question 02:

When and why did you start steel bending and what does or did your active time look like?

In 2019 I started steel bending to compliment my training for BJJ. I didn’t take it really seriously until lockdown 2020 when all my regular training had to stop. Steel bending can be done any where and any time. I was very lucky during that time to have steel bending and snapping as a solid training source.

Question 03:

What do you love about steel bending?

I love that absolutely everybody can get involved. Men, women, children, great grandparents and so on. No matter what ability you have there is something you can bend or snap.

No matter what your ability is the community is very supportive. You can post a photo of your first ever nail bend or a monster video of snapping an 800lb bar and everyone will cheer you on just the same and say kind words.

Steel bending is never ending! Cut the bar shorter or get a thicker bar, do it standing or lay down, or use different materials. With some imagination you can train forever, it will always be interesting and you will learn about about what you are made of.

Question 04:

What do you hate about steel bending?

I can’t go for new records every workout! It's very difficult to see what everyone else is doing and not want to go and wrap up some steel and go crazy. You have to train smart and pick the right times.

Question 05:

How does your training for steel bending look like?

My main training is snapping as it has the best carry over for my sport of BJJ. I will do steel workouts around 3 times per week.

This usually consists of a snapping workout, an unbraced bending workout and a third which varies depending if any current competitions or feats are going on then i will work on those.

Question 06:

How does your other training look like (strength or other)?

I currently do strength training twice per week. As we are currently in lockdown i am not doing BJJ, but usually i would do this 3/4 times a week.

Question 07:

What goals have you set for yourself?

I will be the first to snap all of Horrido bolts under cert conditions - 5 down and 1 to go.

I also set myself the goal of reaching David Hornes top 10 list.

Question 08:

What was the most impressive bend you ever saw (live or on video)?

The first time i bent/snapped steel was with David Horne. In that session i had a war snapping a grade 5 bolt and it pretty much destroyed me.

David wrapped the same bolt and casually snapped it in a neck bridge in under 1 minute. That was the point i knew steel bending was for me.

Question 09:

Rapid stuff – choose one

Bolts or steel?


Unbraced or braced?


Singles or doubles?


Chalk or not?


Beer or water?

Gin and coffee

Cordura or leather or both?


Short bars or long bars?


Horseshoes or flat bars? Flat Bars

Chips or chocolate?


Question 10:

The last words belong to you. What do you want the reader take away? Let us know your poems of steel!

In my short time in this community i've met a ton of great people and made some great friends along the way.

If you get into steel bending - train smart. If you get little injuries or damage your hands for example then do something different so you can keep training. The harder feats will come, don't rush the process in the beginning and build that solid well rounded base.

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Martin Arjoon
Martin Arjoon
Mar 08, 2021

Triple D has hit the bending scene by storm and it's wonderful to see his rapid progress. He's been conquering hard steel and with youth on his side the sky is the limit for him and I wish for him to have many years of success! Great interview guys!


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