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To guarantee a high quality cert please note the following points:

1. Style
Use an unbraced style. Hands and arms are not allowed to touch any part of the body below waist level.

2. Pads
Every kind of pads (cordura and leather) is allowed, but they must be of flexible material. Doubles or whatever amount of layers do you want and crushpads are allowed.

3. Timelimit
Timelimit is 5 Minutes - from first to last hit.

4. Chalk
Chalk (powder or liquid) is allowed and very welcome. Every other substance is prohibited.
Also any wrapping or taping of fingers, hands, wrist and elbows is prohibited.

5.  Complete Bend
The attempt is succesfull if the bolt was bent to an "U" and the legs are not more than 5cm or 2" apart. This must be shown at the end. Measurement must be done at the lowest point of both bolt legs.

6. Video
The attempt must be filmed completely in a good quality (no cutting or editing).
At the beginning the bolt must be shown and measured. The diameter with a caliper and the length with a ruler or a tape measure. The length is always without the bolt head.
The bolt must not leave the videoframe and the pads must be shown that they are of flexible material and that nothing is inside them.
Videolink (best of all youtube) must be sent to me:

7. Cert
You can cert on every bolt. From easy to hard and the following prices are:
4.8 - enter the cert list!

A4 - enter the cert list!

A2 - enter the cert list!

8.8 - enter the cert list and digital certificate!

10.9 - enter the cert list and digital certificate!

12.9 - enter the cert list and digital certificate!

You can cut the length in 0,5" steps to make a better placing, but the harder bolt will be better.

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