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Bending Thoughts - Vol. 001 - The Start

This is the start of some bending thoughts. The year 2020 is over, which was a great year for steel bending: we saw one of the best bends ever, we got a lots of newcomers and some old ones dust their pads off and celebrated a comeback.

I started the Horrido Bending Project in summer and I was really surprised how fast and how good this thing arrived at the bending community. Here I have to thank you all who are into it and who support this project. This really means a lot for me. Thanks you crazy people, this thing exist because of you!

In this new section called a blog I will create some posts which are called "bending thoughts" to write down all my personal thoughts and sights about steel bending. This could include everything about it and let´s see what the journey brings.

I won´t announce how long or in which interval the posts will appear. I have some topics on the list and I think more will follow, but let´s see what the time brings.

It could be that there are some topics or thoughts which not everyone likes or have another view about the things. Please don´t get offended, this are only my personal sights of the things and I try to be fair with all of it.

Also please note that all the posts are in english to reach the most people out there, but english is not my native language. I had it in school and I was not really good at it (because of myself - lazy pupil back in the days - and the english teacher was not the best one for a wild kid like me). The english language is mostly self taught, so please show some mercy when you are reading the thoughts or when you are hearing me speaking everywhere on the internet.

Cheers, Jan

Bending Thoughts

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It's ok brother, your English is just fine and I'm happy that you started this blog!



Josh Goldthorp
Josh Goldthorp
Jan 11, 2021

Looking forward to reading your bending thought Jan! 💪💪

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