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Horrido Bending Competition 2022 - FAQ!

01.07.22 - 30.09.22

  • Why is the competition over a period of three months?
    To make sure that everyone get their bolts, if they don´t have them already and that everyone has enough time to prepare and progress for their best bend.


  • Why do you choose singles?
    The Horrido Bending Certs raised with freestyle pads to get the hardest bends possible, it´s now the time to show some love to the great single pad bending.


  • And why the Ironmind Pads?
    Well, I think since this year there isn´t much needing for these pads for us benders, but i still really like them, they are great pads, a very good standard since years and nearly everybody has them already or has no problem to get them shortly.


  • Only 1 minute time limit?
    Yes, show that you can completly dominate the bolt.

  • Three Styles?
    There should be one style out of these three for every unbraced bender out there.
    There will be a ranking for every style and the overall winner will be crowned out of the different placings in the styles.
    You can also choose just one style for you. There is no need to make a bend for every style.


  • How many bends can I submit over the period?
    As many as you want.


  • No normal prizes like a medal?
    No, I don´t want to buy normal medals from a supplier. I want to make this a little bit special and private. The signs will be made by me in my garden hut for you in your homegym, bending room, bedroom or wherever you want.
    The signs will be made out of copper and handstamped. The Trophy will be made out of wood, bolts, copper, brass and blood.

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