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Cheers to all steel benders!

The Horrido Bending Project was created in 2020 to have a new possibility for a steel bending certification which is very simple, high quality and a good comparability.

It doesen´t matter if you are a beginner, advanced or elite bender. Here are bolts for everyone and everyone is welcome to take part. Be a steel bender, write your own poems of steel and join the bending cult!

When I write for everyone I mean it the real way. This is a place for everyone! I don´t care about your private stuff, where are you from, your religion, your political stand or whatever you can think of, as long as you are nice to others out there you are welcome.

Let´s bend some big steel!


It all started with six different bolts to get certed on the main list. From easy to hard:

Horrido Bending Bolts

To guarantee the high quality and the comparability every single bolt of each class is from one and the same producer.

You can find more details in the shop.

Also there are different style certs which you can find in their section and two special bolts with their own cert.
Please make sure to check the rules for each case to get all the information for a succesfull cert.

This project is an affair of the heart and every single piece you can get here is done by myself. It would be a pleasure for me if you want to be part of this project.

The only important thing is that we are bending.

Huge thanks to everyone for supporting this project.



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