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Cheers to all steel benders!

My name is Jan, located in germany, active steel bender and founder of this cert.

The Horrido Bending Cert was created to have a new possibility for a steel bending certification which is very simple, high quality and the best comparability.

We have six different bolts where every single one has the same measurements:
8mm x 180mm (~ 5/16" x 7")

Listing from easy to hard:


To guarantee the high quality and the comparability every single bolt of each class is from one and the same producer.

You can find more details in the shop: "SHOP"

Jan Heller.jpeg


Germany - Rhön

Horrido Bending Bolts

You can cert on every bolt and try to climb the ladder of the harder bolts. After a succesfull cert your name will enter the cert list. How to get there? Please read about the process under the section "Rules"

This project is an affair of the heart and every single piece you can get here is done by myself. It would be a pleasure for me if you want to be part of this project.

I want to mention the supporters of this project. Huge thanks to the following guys:

Daniel Graupner

Carl-August Mertz

Tommy Jennings

Martin Kotte

I am also supporting another bending project. Make sure to watching, listening and following the steel bending podcast "Beyond the Bend" from Cody. Here are the links to his channels:

Stay strong and love steel bending,


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